We all know that advertising keeps the internet free, but what happens when ads become intrusive, annoying, or downright malicious? Spyware is a growing concern that affects us all – impacting our productivity, our computers and our lives.

ZEDO is a technology company that provides an ad serving system to websites, advertisers and advertising agencies. ZEDO does not condone spyware, malware or other surreptitious use of your computer or your privacy, in any way. Consumer privacy is, and always has been, very important to us.

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Report use of ZEDO on spyware applications
ZEDO’s Ad Scanning system frequently checks the content and source of ads served by our partners, yet occasionally a website or software publisher will bundle our ads with spyware or adware without our knowledge or consent. When this happens, we do everything to find out who is doing it and stop it.

If you think your computer has been infected with spyware by a company using ZEDO’s software, please email us the details at