A Year of Expansion Ahead: Paul Prior Joins ZEDO as President

The future of advertising is mobile. 2012 is the year when mobiled device sales will replace PCs. The mobile future isn’t conventional display ads, where effectiveness declines every year; rather,  it is creative messaging delivered through equally creative new formats. In-page video will play a large part here, as well as display ads that only appear when a viewer scrolling down on a mobile device, reaches the appropriate content. We have always thought digital advertising could and should be as effective as TV advertising, and have spent years developing the technology to make it so.


The conversation around viewable impressions is just beginning, and fortunately ZEDO is positioned to be viewable impressions’  major player. Our early partnership with AdxPose, now comScore, made us the first to test the comScore VCE platform and certify that the viewable impressions percentage for our inView ad format suite is 99%. We have more experience under our belts than anyone else.


We are good at measuring the effectiveness of the ads we serve (and even those we don’t). We’re much more than an ad server now, although that was our roots. We offer high impact formats, private exchanges, and specific formats we invented for tablet advertising. For example, we now offer full screen video ads on the desktop, and we will soon have those available on tablets.


But the advertising industry hardly knows us, because we’ve been a partner to publishers for the last decade, and we’re headquartered in San Francisco. To give the ad industry greater exposure to us, we have hired  Paul Prior, formerly of Acceleration, to assume the role of President of Zedo and to expand our New York office.


ZEDO’s vision is to be the leading global platform for premium digital publishers — to connect them directly to brand advertisers and their agencies who want proven high impact, high reach placements with quality audiences. We are now  offering our private exchange platform technology to advertising agency holding companies.


Paul’s presence in New York will take us to the next level. We welcome him, and we predict a year of great growth and change under his leadership.

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