A New Suite of Offerings From ZEDO

Whenever we speak to prospects and customers, we find an interesting challenge — or shall we say opportunity?

Because ZEDO has done so much new development over the past two years, many people who think they know us — customers, vendors, even partners — do not know all the things we do. All they know is what they buy for us, and they are often unaware of what else we have to offer that they might use. We’re going to change that next year.

About two years ago, we expanded from being an ad server to offering a full suite of  outsourced ad ops and revenue enhancement products. This expansion came as a result of requests from publisher partners who realized our technology and our customer service could do more to help them than just serve ads.

We have always been a partner to publishers, and we’ve been with them through their disturbing roller coaster ride from print to digital over the past thirteen years since we were founded in 1999. We’ve been focused on helping them make the change without sacrificing their readers or revenues. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve tried to stay ahead of the changes for them and be there to guide them down new, more productive paths to revenue.

And then this year, we decided that we had to come to grips with our responsibility to help both ends of the ecosystem — the advertiser as well as the publisher.  We realized that the proliferation of middle men in the system between brands and publishers has caused a decline in eCPMS  on the publisher side and a similar decline in ROI on the brand side.

Tablets and mobile have made this problem a larger one than ever, because many site visitors use multiple screens to visit their favorite sites. So we brought out a suite of high impact ad formats that work on tablets as well as PCs. These formats satisfy the new metrics for viewable impressions, and provide compelling new real estate for our publisher partners to sell direct — as premium inventory, not remnant.

On the other side of the table sit the brands, looking for ways to buy media that is finely targeted, brand safe, and effective. Most of their media buyers are confused by all the intermediaries between then and the sites they’d like their brands to appear on. So for large agencies and holding companies, we’ve created a white label direct pipe from the media buying departments to our publisher partners, allowing them to set the standards and terms for their media buys, and removing the intermediaries that raise their costs.

We’re in the process of making a visualization of our product offerings that we will use in all our communications. Stay tuned, and in the mean time, ask us what we have especially for your needs.



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