Vendor Hot Seat: Zedo

Vendor Hot Seat: Zedo

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The Vendor Hot Seat series continues. ZEDO, an ad tech company whose products include an ad server, a self service advertising system and a yield optimizer is next to step up.

Joining us to answer the questions is ZEDO President, Paul Prior:

How do you help publishers make money?

We try to add value to both ends of the Lumascape, so we help Publishers make money in a number of ways: (a) we enable them to serve a wide array of ads through our Ad Server, (b) we enable them to increase their revenue yields by providing them with Ad Network Management tools, (c) we drive premium CPM’s for them through our new, innovative High Impact Formats, (d) we drive efficiencies and better profit margins through our Ad Operations services, (e) we monetize remnant inventory for Publishers through our RevMax team, (f) we deliver new, premium sources of revenue directly from the agencies via our Direct Agency Pipe platform

What’s your pricing model?

Our prices vary with the types of formats and services our publishers choose to buy from us or offer their advertisers, but mostly we work with the industry standard rev share and CPM model. We also have a outsourced all inclusive ad ops service. For the direct pipe, we have negotiated custom pricing on a revenue share basis. We’re anything but ”one size fits all.” We’re customer needs based.

How are you different from your competitors?

We’re not just an ad server or an ad ops company or a rev-max service; we’re an industry thought leader. We try to lead the industry into new formats and opportunities through our on-going investment in R&D and innovation. Oh, and our customer service is legendary. We were founded in 1999, so we’ve had a chance to thoroughly learn the industry we’re in.

What are the titles of people who use your product, and how do they use it?

SVP Digital Sales on down through the entire sales team: they use our platform and ad formats to sell their site inventory to advertisers
VP Ad Operations: they use our Ad Server platform plus often use our Ad Ops services
Senior Director of Ad Solutions: leverages our High Impact Formats to drive new, innovative formats and net new revenue streams through the business
VP of Revenue Operations: uses our ad formats to drive net new sources of Revenue plus leveraging our Direct Agency Platform to realize premium CPM’s at scale
Director of Yield Management: uses our AdNet RevMax tool + our forecasting tool to maximize yields on their ads
COO: leverages the combination of our full platform suite plus ZEDO Ad Operations services to drive the digital part of their media business forward
SVP Digital Solutions (agency): uses our High Impact Formats to provide engaging, high performance, brand building advertising for the brand clients.
Media Planner & Buyer: plans and buys our High Impact Formats using our Direct Agency Pipe platform.

What would Randall Rothenberg say about your company?

“ZEDO is one of the few, if not the only, Publisher side Ad Server platform companies that is continuing to innovate on the actual ad delivery part of the business. Their thought leadership and innovation around “viewable impressions” is a good example of that in action.”

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