Cookies May Be Sweet Compared to What Comes Next

As you probably already know if you’re in the industry, third-party cookies are under fire. Google has already announced that it is moving away from them to a different way of tracking users. Internally, our engineering teams are also at work. Now, two of the industry associations, the Digital Advertising Industry and the IAB are also trying to come up with new methodologies. Browser publishers, responding to privacy advocates, started the discussion, with  browser publisher Mozilla’s announcement that it would  begin blocking third-party cookies in Firefox. The…

ZINC Keeps Your Brand Safe on Mobile Devices

In the days since the first messages were sent out over the internet, our expertise with technology has continuously encouraged us to do things with our new capabilities that perhaps we shouldn’t. We’re moving toward a world in which everything connects, for better or for worse, even the refrigerator and the thermostat in your home. Eventually, the rising number of connections will create systemic risk, and systemic risk is something we can’t mitigate. We can only prevent it by exercising extreme care in what we do…

Do Not Track Could Slow Growth for Online Publishers

Next week  the Online Trust Alliance, of which ZEDO is a member, holds a Forum  in San Jose on the future of privacy and self-regulation. We’ll be there on a panel. But our panel probably won’t be the most controversial one. Instead, the don’t-miss event will be the discussion of Do Not Track, Microsoft’s announcement that it will ship Windows 8 and IE10 with its  privacy settings defaulted to “Do Not Track.” In other words, the advertising industry wouldn’t be able to set cookies anymore….

ZEDO Named to Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll

ZEDO named to Online Trust Honor Roll


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