ZEDO Ad Inspector

Investigate and stop problem ads immediately

ZEDO Ad Inspector is a Firefox browser plugin that lets you analyze an ad’s performance or even change the status right on the page where the ad is serving.

Installing Ad Inspector

  • Login to your ZEDO account using Firefox
  • Install Ad Inspector by clicking on the Ad Inspector button on the Home Dashboard
  • Restart Firefox when prompted

Using Ad Inspector

  • You must be logged into your ZEDO account (in Firefox) to use Ad Inspector.
  • Turn Ad Inspector on by clicking the star icon at the bottom right of your browser window. You can turn it off the same way.
  • When enabled, Ad Inspector will check for all ZEDO tags on the page and will place an Ad Inspector logo on all identified ad slots.
  • Mousing over any of these ads will call up an Ad Inspector window with the ad details, statistics, pacing graph and an option to change status of the ad. In the Ad Inspector window, you can mouse over the Ad and Campaign names to see their IDs.

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