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Publisher Solutions

Latest generation ad server for direct-sold inventory 

Keep operations costs low. Meet the needs of advertisers. Talk to us about how our cloud-based ad server can benefit you. Learn more

Ad Network Revenue Maximizer

Earn more from your remnant inventory.  ZEDO finds the best network for each impression. Learn more

Self-Service Advertising

Plugs right into your site and lets you sell advertising to your users. Learn more

Ad Trafficking services

24/7/365 experienced  ad operations professionals cut your operating costs and work 24 hours a day. See how they can work for you. Learn more

Innovative ad formats for incremental sales

Earn more. High visibility, engaging new ad formats that don’t cut into your existing site real estate. Learn more



ZINC is for advertisers who want to buy High Impact Formats, including Full Screen Video Ads, InView Sliders, and Shuffle Ads that run on ZEDO’s publisher network.

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Premium Advertising Solutions

Viewable Impressions Anywhere on the Page

Analytics for advertisers have never been better. They want quality brand-safe content and ads that are actually viewed. This presents a challenge to publishers who have long pages.

But tablet and mobile readers aren’t afraid to scroll. ZEDO has new formats for them that guarantee 99% viewable impressions anywhere on a page. Videos, sliders, just ask us. We’re innovators on this.

Ask us for a demo.


InView Ad Formats

The InView Formats from ZEDO are new premium ad placements that generate extra revenue for publishers without sacrificing any existing revenue. Publishers can now sell premium 99% ‘in-view’ impressions, without compromising site content or increasing ad ops work. ZEDO monetizes these impressions and guarantees a minimum CPM so that publishers get paid from month one.


Rich Media Ad Formats

ZEDO helps publishers offer fresh, compelling and easy-to-run Rich Media Formats for their advertisers. Ensured greater attention, effective recall and a significantly higher probability of action are what make ZEDO’s rich media ad formats some of the most innovative ad placements across the web.



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